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Organizations can now work with accounting firms located anywhere in the world. This remarkable Class-A high-rise is prominently situated on Sixth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan with Fortune 500 neighbors. The building has a stunning lobby back office accounting services that will leave an impression on guests and clients. Ready to Go Offices, Fully Furnished, Flexible Lease Terms. 1345 Avenue of the Americas, a Sixth Avenue Class A building, is situated between 54th and 55th Streets in Midtown West.

We offer full-scope back office services for non-profits, with solutions ranging from accounting services to IT, human capital management, and more. You’ll receive services that are tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs, and are available remotely from a CLA location. Our services are based on seamless interaction between your accounting and tax professionals and include everything from paying the bills and filing payroll tax returns to updating your IT systems. We also offer assistance with migrating to a cloud-based technology that gives you access to your financial data from anywhere. Back Office Accounting Specialists, Inc. offers specialized quality services at competitive costs to provide your business advantage over other businesses. While Standard services are listed below, Back Office Accounting also provide customized back office services.

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Persons with no accounting knowhow can understand the reports easily. So the business owner or management and take informed business decisions based on our reports. We have a trained team of accounts professionals, who are well conversant with the backoffice accounting services, trade regulation of the country and compliances.

back office accounting services

If it costs $1,000 per month to secure office space per individual, a housing subsidy of $500 per month would result in an overall savings of $6,000 per year. The cost savings can be significant when employing many remote professionals. Say goodbye to manual data entry, filing, faxing, and mailing. Digital accounting eliminates these tasks so back-office accounting teams can focus on more important tasks such as growth opportunities and problem solving. Electronic payment and invoicing systems automatically record data. Documents can be easily stored and accessed in a document management system, accessed by all members of the team via the cloud, and shared electronically with outside parties when necessary.

What is Back-Office Accounting?

Back-office accounting tasks include recording financial transactions, compiling financial reports, and analyzing financial data. Bookkeepers handle day-to-day transactions (accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll etc.) and maintain accurate financial records. Accountants use this data to create financial reports, evaluate the company’s financial health, form projections, identify business opportunities, and offer investment advice. Another benefit of outsourcing your back office accounting services is access to specialized expertise. Outsourcing firms often have a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who specialize in accounting and finance.

It’s a stepping stone in your business growth, helping you get timely and accurate financial results to fuel your business growth and increase profitability. Our mission at Lawhorn CPA Group is to help you reach your financial goals by providing you with customized, strategic, and cost-effective solutions. Striving to be much more than just your accountants, we make it our goal to become an extension of your team. The cloud also offers flexibility, so accountants can work anytime from anywhere. Digital accounting also makes it easy for companies to work with remote employees or use a third-party accounting service.

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You might assume that transitioning to digital accounting would be expensive, but in reality, making the digital transformation saves money. Cloud computing is more affordable than having an in-house IT team and server. If you’re looking for a solution where you can hand-off all of your financial management needs, we’re going to be a great fit. We provide an all inclusive accounting solution in a scalable, cost-effective way by outsourcing your entire accounting function.

We conduct a mixture of phone, email, and diagnostic sessions to determine how certain accounting and finance functions are processed, walk through the processes to discover any weaknesses, and fully document all recommendations. Here are the services you can expect from us when we provide back-office accounting for your organization. Using the advanced tools and techniques for accounting and bookkeeping, we can serve you the optimal solution to take your business to the new heights.

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Stop worrying about tax prep, with expert support for federal and state income tax filings, 1099s, and Delaware Franchise Tax filing. We work with thousands of startups, ranging from two founders in a garage to hundred-person teams. Investment advisory services are offered through CliftonLarsonAllen Wealth Advisors, LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor. There is no such restriction on the projects to be sent at one time. Our customers can access the accomplished work from anywhere at any time through connecting their system to the internet.

With the advent of cloud technology and offshoring, compliance services have transitioned into commodities, and clients are increasingly seeking enhanced value for their investments. Attracting and retaining accounting and bookkeeping staff is becoming increasingly arduous. The back office plays a crucial role in supporting the front office (think sales/trading desk) by processing the trades made by customers of the bank or for the banks’ own proprietary trading operations. Some of the functions of the back office are confirming trades and settlement instructions, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT services.

Another key difference between small business accounting back office and enterprise accounting back office is the level of integration with other business systems. Small business accounting back office solutions are designed to be simple and easy to use, with limited customization options. Enterprises, on the other hand, have more complex financial transactions, a larger number of employees, and more stringent financial reporting requirements.

Back Office Accounting Specialists are the reliable, secure, and best cost-effective solutions for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. By hiring a virtual accountant from ASL BPO, you will receive a comprehensive accounting package from us. Our accountants are both QuickBooks Pro Certified and possess a solid educational background in accounting. They will utilize the latest accounting tools available to expertly manage the financial aspects of your business. ASL BPO understands the importance of back office operations. Thus, we have customizable solutions for small businesses and enterprises.

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Digital back-office accounting eliminates the paper frenzy and uses software and technology to manage finances. The front office of a company interacts directly with clients while the back office provides behind the scenes support including financial, administrative, and IT services. Back-office accounting refers to the financial management of a company. Let’s take a closer look at the back-office accounting department’s role.

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