Build a chat bot from scratch using Python and TensorFlow Medium

Creating a ChatBot using ChatterBot Python We create a chatbot named “ByteScout.” Once done, we train the trainer with some outputs. To get started, you can use the data files hosted on GitHub. The module contains training data for multiple languages, and hence, is very flexible. Self-learning approach chatbots → These chatbots are more advanced […]

ChatGPT’s web browsing feature just got a whole lot easier to use

ChatGPT 4 Release Date March 2023 It will come with two Davinci (DV) models with a total of 8k and 32K words capacity. During an interview with YouTube channel StrictlyVC, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman commented on the rumored release date for GPT-4 in the near future. He noted that a release date will be determined […]

The Most Popular Generative AI Image Styles to Apply in One Click

From Midjourney to DALL E 2: These are the best AI image generators To streamline use of this API for client-side search applications, you can now generate cacheable search URLs that can be easily embedded in any front-end application. The URLs are configurable to cache the results on the CDN for a specific amount of […]

AI Virtual Assistant Technology Guide 2023

Advantages of a Virtual Customer Service Representative By using virtual assistants to quickly answer customer questions, initiate conversations and more, employees are freed up to focus on their core competencies. Here we’ll focus on the role of virtual assistants in unified communications and how they can enhance customer service — and build customer loyalty — […]